It Just Keeps Getting Better!

So Seth is now cooking like a demon!  It’s fantastic and fabulous.  I’m sure this might shock you?  No?  Well, anyone that knows us would probably have heard the stories of the attempts that he has previously made at cooking…  I remember each attempt really well.  You know, like you remember those close brushes with death…

The first time was before we got married.  We were chilling at his parents house an he decided to make us scrambled eggs on toast.  While he was cooking he asked if I liked the taste of vanilla essence…  I thought it was weird, and brushed it off that it was just brought up because he was in the kitchen and happened to spot it….  Alas.  It was included in the eggs, as well as most of the rest of the herbs and spices at his disposal.  All I distinctly remember about it, is that I ate it (it didn’t taste that bad…)  but moments later I was puking my guts out.

After we got married and we were still in our little flat.  He decided to surprize me with breakfast.  And boy was I surprised…  The poached eggs resembled something  that you could give to kids as a bouncy ball.   I like my bacon crispy, but I couldn’t even break it with my teeth… or a knife… or anything.

The next attempt was “flap jacks” that he made out of his head and without a recipe…  It was like lead pancakes… Even dousing it in syrup didn’t disguise the leadness of it.  Since then I have perfected a beautiful recipe for him to use – in case he wants to try it again….

Bless him for trying.  I don’t know if it was one of those purposeful things that men do to make women think that they can’t cook, so they get off that duty – he really knocked it out of the park if that is the case.  But I think it’s failing for him now, because somehow my cooking is digressing and not worth eating, so he is stepping up to the plate.  You might have noticed how we never, like never ever, have any dinner parties.  I’m sorry about that, but I really don’t feel like sending people home with some kind of tummy bug after they tried to eat my food.

But!  There is hope!  The other night we invited our dearest friends Corne and Zoë for supper.  We were just going to get  takeaways and have a chilled evening, but Seth decided he wanted to cook…  And cook he did!!!

Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow!!!!  He made a basil pesto pasta (recipe courtesy of Pick N Pay magazine) and totally owned it!  It was literally divine!!!  You can have it hot or cold or however you want it really!  Absolutely delish!!

Then he tried his hand at the fillet with a special sauce.  It’s a full on sauce that takes like a year to make but he did it!  I am in awe!

Not  to mention the veg with grapes in it – heaven in my mouth.  And a lovely Olive bread (not personally made) but the flavour added to the meal so beautifully.  All in all this meal was so divine that I want to throw parties every weekend just so that we can enjoy this delishness (yes that’s a word) over and over again!

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