Who Do You See?

I stumbled on these pictures while I was doing my assignment on Seth’s laptop (don’t ask).  He had scanned these pictures in to embarrass me at either my Kitchen Tea or my Baby Shower or something.  I have been thinking about posting pictures of Seth and I at the age that Kyla and Riya are (or thereabouts) to see how we all looked at that age and if we can see the likeness.  Unfortunately I don’t have Seth’s pictures, so here’s a few of me (and some of my bro Shane) – I guess these pics to be in the age region of 2 (maybe 3) and under.  Will unearth Seth’s pics and scan them in sometime – he was so flipping cute we have to record it, plus he looks just like Ri – can you believe it?!

You might recognise the background although it’s changed somewhat.  That’s right!  We now live in the house that I grew up in!  It’s actually quite weird to see the girls in similar pictures and poses in almost the same spot that I was in with Shane!

Besides them being so “fair fair fair” – is there even any of them in me?!?

I think Ri pulls her face like mine when I was pushing Shane, but I dunno.

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