Oh Why Not

My friendling Liz at Clay Jar People nominated me to be a part of this little thingy (or award as it has been called), so I thought why not give it a go…  So here we go!

I am supposed to tell you 7 things about me.  So here are some random facts that you probably didn’t know, and most likely never wanted to know…

1.  I am claustrophobic – because my lovely brother and cousin thought it would be awesome to tie me up and then put 10 blankets on my head when I was about 11.  Then they very lovingly left me there, to pull a McGyver and escape…  I was more like McGruber and just sat there and cried.  Not my proudest moment.

2.  I cannot handle anyone or anything breathing on me.  Being in my personal space bubble is bad enough, but sharing my air is weird for me.  It’s one of the reasons I cannot face Seth when I go to sleep, and yes, I move my head far enough away from him so that he can’t breathe on my neck or head or something…  Don’t even start on how it grates my inner being when the dogs wet noses or tongues touch my bare legs.  I want to explode with irritation and smash their faces into the floor – that’s totes normal right?!

3.  I secretly identify with Dexter and it kinda freaks me out.  I also secretly punch or kick Seth if he snores while he is sleeping.  (Ok maybe I need a little help).

4.  I don’t feel like my little family is complete.  I have a deep desire for a little Seth to make an appearance, although 2 little Seth’s would be fantastic!  I already have the names picked out (and no I’m not telling).

5.  I would love to adopt a baby or be a foster mom.  I would love to be able to touch the life of a little person that would otherwise just go through the system and not be properly loved.  It would be quite unsettling to the girls now, but maybe in the future?!

6.  I will admit to having a strange relationship with Harry Potter and Twilight…  It’s like the nerdy little teenage girl in me wants to get out.  I have read each series about 5 times each and watched all of the movies…  I even watch the reruns on TV and sit with a silly grin on my face…  Shooo, now that that’s out, what else can I even say?!

7.  I cannot and will not get into bed unless the poppers for the duvet are at the bottom of the bed.  It just won’t happen. ever.  Like never ever.

Now for the 15 peeps I’m supposed to nominate…  Here are some of my friendlies whose blogs I love to read and maybe a couple that I just stalk because of their awesomness…

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