Operation Take Down Cape Town

Ok, so that sounds dramatic, but that’s what I want to do.  We live in such an amazing place but don’t get out and see it enough.  So now that we will all be on holiday soon (Oh my word, I am almost counting the minutes), I am commandeering Seth’s plans of house renovations to go out and explore our gorgeous land (ok, so I know I won’t get away with totally owning the holiday, but at least every second day?).  I know Seth’s reaction to this will be all like, “Oh no you di’n’t…”  And I’ll be all like, “Oh yes I did!”…  Um…  Anyway…

The problem is that we aren’t aware of all the awesomeness there is to see and experience here.  Do any of you know of any cool places that are kid friendly that we can enjoy during the day?  Any ideas welcome.  This is totes not an exclusive thing, so if you would want to join us on our adventures around Cape Town “hit me up” on my cell yo.  I don’t know where all this ghetto is coming from – must be the holiday festivities getting to me.

Happy Christmas tree putting uping and festivity making.

Peace and Love Yo


Random photo time (This is what happens when we spend to much time at home):

Little Baby Riya

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