Oh How I Can Laugh With These Girls

I am totally loving this age (Kyla 2½and Riya 1½).  It is the best so far, although I wouldn’t mind some cuddly-put-them-in-one-place-and-they-stay-there-moments.  As both girls are walking and talking, it’s like we have 2 little Diva’s in the house and so I wanted to record some of the funny little moments that we experience each day.

Kyla demands to watch “Hoood-a” all the time.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, you can ask Seth – he knows every single line and randomly quotes it at various moments of the day.  Do you know how he knows all the words?  Because he demanded to watch it everyday too!  Can you tell where she gets it from…  So anyway, this is the animal version of Robin Hood and it’s lovely.  One of the scenes is all the animals dancing in the forest, as soon as this comes on Kyla jumps down to stand on the mat and shouts “dans dans dans”!  So we all stand on the mat and dance with the animals.  It has recently progressed to us all having to wear skirts at this moment so we can all swing them around like the animals do and all hell breaks loose if we don’t have skirts on.

One time I told her that my skirt was dirty and that it was in the wash.  So she stares at me very hard, with her hand under her chin – thinking of how to get around this predicament…  Eventually she gets this “I’ve got it” look on her face and says “SHOP!”…  Yes that’s right…  I must just go to the shop and get another one!

Sometimes I catch little moments of the girls properly interacting with each other, totally by themselves and not interested in us (these don’t happen often at the moment – so it’s quite special).  They were both sitting in front of my shoes in my cupboard and Riya would pick one up and say “Mummie?” looking at the all knowledgeable Kyla for the answers.  Kyla lifts her eyebrows and says “Ja, Mommy”.  And this goes on for a while until Ri picks up some shoes that I told Kyla hurt my feet, so she says to Ri, “No, Mommy ow.  Away” and throws them back in my cupboard.  Then they heard my Mom’s car starting outside and Ri immediately puts her hands up to her face in a “what is that?” face and looks to Kyla for the answers…  Kyla says, “Nana, car, work” – and there you have it, she was right on the money.

Ri cannot put her feet on the floor without wearing shoes.  Weird I know.  No matter how many times we try and trick her, she will cling to you like a monkey and will not let you put her down.  Recently though she will demand to take off her shoes.  Then sit there and howl until you put them back on…  But as soon as you try she says “Nooo, nooo, nooo” and smacks the floor.  Eventually when she realises that she won’t go anywhere she lets us put them on for her.

Kyla has this thing where she will tell you something in earnest, but say it with her eyebrows raised right up to her hairline and in a questioning way, while holding her hands up in the air.  The other morning she was lying in bed with me because Seth had taken Riya to the lounge so I could have a little sleep in.  So Kyla wakes up, but immediately sits straight up and says “Toys!!” – how random, must have been dreaming about it.  Then I tell her that Ri is with Dada in the lounge and she says, “Me, Mommy Dudu” and pulls the covers over us.  She lies there for 2 seconds and then jumps up and says, “Me Lounge”.  Then climbs off the bed and with eyebrows raised and hands up she says, ” me now now back”…  Waiting for me to nod or say yes, then goes another few feet, then she says, ” me now now back”…  Waiting for me to nod or say yes, then goes another few feet, then she says, ” me now now back”…   It is so cute!!!

I don’t know about terrible 2’s so much as over the top ones!  Ri is a real tantrum thrower, she will do it for the littlest thing.  This time it was because we were taking too long to go outside.  So she is crying miserably and the snot and tears are running like rivers down her face.  She keeps coming to us and trying to pull us to the door, and the more we say just wait a bit the more agro she gets.  So she goes to the gate and slams it closed, then because we didn’t notice, she opens it again and them slams it shut again.  We still didn’t do anything, so she opens it and comes into the lounge and throws their plastic chairs over and when we didn’t react, she pointed to it like, “Yes, i threw those chairs over.  It was me!  What you gana do about it?”  We did nothing…  So she goes back to the gate and slams it open, then closed and then open again.  Then eventually because she never got any response she sat down on the mat and read a book…

A few snippets of conversations with Kyla…  Me: Kyla do you know where Dada is?  Kyla: Dada go shop eat chips…  Kyla: Mommy, sit down please.  Mom! Mom sit down please.  Sit. Down. Please. Mooooom!  Kyla (while putting her to sleep at night): Me paint (pointing to the 2 year old painting hanging in her room), me more lounge, row row lounge too.  Again!

When you put a new outfit on either of the girls (especially a dress or a skirt which is the new and most favourite item) they go and pose in front of the mirror.  Kyla just stands and smiles at herself and Ri puts her leg out and her hands on her hips – like a proper model!  Then for a while afterwards, if they pass a mirror they will stop and stare for a bit and then smile at themselves and then strut away.  (I totes didn’t teach them this!  Maybe they have been reading too much of Aunty Romy’s blog).

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