Coco And Spartan Work Their Magic…

(This is Seth’s version of Spartan as Charlie the Unicorn – if you have not watched this – take a moment to soak up its awesomeness.  Shun the non believer… Shuuuuuun)

Although the girls don’t like to actually touch the dogs, they have this connection with them.  The girls are always aware of what they are doing.  I will know the dogs are barking, not because I hear them personally, but because Ri has her hand to her mouth in a shocked “why are they barking” face.  It’s very sweet.

But it goes deeper than that.  You see, Coco and Spartan can get the girls to eat their food…  They are so magical they can even get the girls to go to sleep!

Since they were babies Ga has always called on the dogs to watch the girls eat…  Even though the girls are at Ga’s house and the dogs are safely at home (probably eating one of the girls shoes or toys) the girls think that they are watching them eat.  At the mention of Coco and Spartan, the girls would suddenly open their mouths as wide as they could go and would proceed to eat all their food…  As long as Coco and Spartan were watching.

Recently this has progressed to sleeping and for this we need a bit of context…

When Kyla is sick, she sleeps better than she does when she is not sick – literally sleeping the sick out of herself.  However, Riya-Ray on the other hand is the opposite.  When she wakes up at any time of the night (sometimes 10 times a night) during a time of illness – she literally loses her mind.  She full on loses control of herself and proceeds to wake up the entire neighbourhood with her incessant crying/screaming/hysteria/freak out/losing her mind cakes (yes, your mind does have cakes – doesn’t yours?  Maybe you’re losing it too…), it even gets to the point where she is so frazzled that she twitches her head in an uncontrolled whip from front to back (at first this freaked the heck out of us, but now it has become her norm if she is properly upset).  Initially during this time we would try and calm her down with walking around with her, cuddling her, rocking her all while singing our usual night time calm song.  This does not work and only succeeds in worsening the hysteria.

Enter Coco and Spartan!  Of course they would be the solution to the problem!  As soon as Ri starts on the downward spiral of crazy all you need to do is call Coco and Spartan in a relatively loud voice – the result is complete silence by Ri and a lot of tail wagging by the dogs.  Once you have gotten over the fact that this has actually worked, you need to launch immediately thereafter into the following song…

Coco and Spartan sitting in a tree

Coco and Spartan have a cup of tea

Coco and Spartan riding on a bee

Coco and Spartan counting one, two, three

Coco and Spartan wearing jewellery

Coco and Spartan praying for Ri Ri

Coco and Spartan sailing on the sea

Coco and Spartan wag their tails with glee

Coco and Spartan have too many fleas

After a while you will get the rhythm and make the words end on the right note to ensure it all rhymes (this is a must – the more monotonous it is the better).  This is best accompanied by standing and rocking her from side to side.  You are allowed to sing this in any order – at least she is not fussy about that!!

Oh my precious poutty lipped cherub – I love you so much.  Now if only Coco and Spartan can get you to walk on the floor without shoes and socks on…  Hmmm…  Now there’s a thought…

(This is my version of Coco the magical dog…  Yip that’s right – she has a pink glow because of all the doggy fairy dust.  She also just did a magical spell, so her wand is still glowing with awesomeness…  So, um, ja…  Now you can see why we leave the invites to Seth)

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