I Love Photo’s…

I adore taking pictures of my missioning munckins and actually just enjoy photo’s in general.  I’m by no means a real photographer (especially since I am resorting to my phone camera to take pics these days), but sometimes I manage to get a good one out of the 50 (ok…  100) that I take everyday.  This one of the girls is my new favourite!  How gorgeous is Riya’s pose with the wind in her hair!!

Every now and then the screensaver full of our pictures comes up and I realised that we don’t have many proper family shots.  After seeing so many friends do photo ops at a studio or out and about – and getting slightly green with envy about the gorgeous pics – I was thinking about doing one for us.

There are a number of things that I wouldn’t mind some input on…

* If you know of any good photogaphers that would be awesome – I want to get a range of prices, hours, printed photos etc.

* Venue… I like studio pics but I also love outdoorsy ones.  Was thinking of making the shoot an extended family thing, so needs to be disabled friendly too.

* Props to make it fun and exciting…  But not cheesy…  If that’s possible…

Thoughts on this would be welcome – thanks and have a fab weekend!


3 thoughts on “I Love Photo’s…

  1. 2 words : Irene Kim. Most amazing photographer in the world! She did our maternity pics – check out her blog http://lifeasirene.wordpress.com/. She charges under R500 for an hour, at ourdoors locations. Forget studios, they suck and are cliched! Outside is the bomb! Just tell her I sent you! Bonus, she’s a fun person and in St Pauls Stellenbosch

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