A Little Help…

So in a previous post about Imhoff Farm I mentioned that we saw a weird chicken thingy.  After my brother pointed out to me that the bird in the pictures I put up was a Peacock…  (I know I’m blonde…  But seriously?!)  I realised that I hadn’t put a picture in of the creature (there’s the blonde moment).  So here he/she/it is…

Until we find out what it is I have dubbed it “Doug”.  If you can shed any more light on the subject – good on you!  (If it is just a long legged chicken I’ll be super bummed and quite embarrassed – so don’t say it).

4 thoughts on “A Little Help…

  1. yup your right it’s an embarrassing moment for you….cos that’s what Doug is…they do come in some weird shapes and sizes and that’s one of them….. 🙂

  2. OH dear Cinds, I googled chickens for you, and sadly this is a chicken..a long legged chicken…and in the name of trying to get an answer for you I think this is a ‘Modern Game’ chicken which was originally bred for cock fights, hence the long legs..Ok I have dork written all over my face now…but I do enjoy a good google challenge 🙂 Lol….they are apparently good pets who will ‘run to you and sit on your lap’, perhaps you should get one for the girls HEHEHEH xxxx

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