Imhoff Farm Was Calling…

So we finally went to check out Imhoff Farm (probably about a month ago now)…  And not just from the outside (like we did a couple of weeks before this trip).

This time we went in and literally explored every bit of the place.  We started with the curio shops that had gorgeous interior things as well as a bit of typical african touristy stuff.  I found the most beautiful ring but to my real dismay (I was bummed for the rest of the day) my fingers were just too fat for it.  Darn it!

Then we went on to the toddler clothing shop, where we scored good quality second hand Naartjie clothes, plus the gorgeous hats that they wore for the rest of the day – good thing too, it was quite cold!  Another bonus to the place.

We stopped in at Blue Water Cafe – which is totally deceiving from the outside!  We walked in and were greeted by friendly staff and lovely decor.  We sat outside and wow, the view was beautiful.  Plus the food was great too.

Time to check out the farm.  Riya hated pretty much every minute of it and screamed every time I took her close to the horses.  She was properly terrified – poor sausage!  We also saw this chicken-creature-thing.  What the heck  is it?

Other highlights were the double chocolate biscotti from the chocolate shop as well as the camels, which not only scared Riya, but now Kyla was scared too.  That was our cue to get our over tired but funned-out brood home…

4 thoughts on “Imhoff Farm Was Calling…

  1. Imhoff was my FAVE place to go with the kiddies. I love the atmosphere and when it is sunny it is great! Looks like a great day..but Im curious..where the pic of the chicken thingy?? 🙂

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