Wine Touring With Incompass

A little while ago we were chatting in the office about how the waiter laughed at me when I wanted “sweet” wine.  The conversation was then lead by Jan who decided he should educate us losers by taking us on a wine tour.  Brilliant idea for a mini end of year function for our team to get together, learn and have fun.

Our first stop was Landskroon.  Although the wine was good, the atmosphere was not quite what I imagined.Landskroon

The next stop was Fairview.  I’m sure you know this farm the way that I do – the “goat one”…  And yes, they have a Santa Clause looking goat residing at the property and they have even named some of the wines after him too (Goats Do Roam and The Goatfather – ha ha ha).

We did the master tasting in the Master Tasting Room (can you believe it – I would have thought it would be a different room) it was beautiful and only R60 per person.  8 different wines were paired with 8 different cheeses. I did enjoy tasting the various wines and pairing them with the cheeses, but cleansing the palate with olive oil dipped bread was pushing it a little.  Seriously?  Are we really dipping bread into liquid fat and pretending to enjoy it?

Our next stop was Rhebokskloof which is a wonderful family venue.  We did a quick tasting and then sat by the pond/lake/dam thing to enjoy the picnic that they provided.  

It was definitely the most beautiful venue, and while looking out over the dam with thought we saw boats.  Jan and I went to investigate (Jan to comander a boat and me to watch and laugh – there is no possible way that I would have gotten onto the boat).  It turns out (to my relief) that it was actually just a pump…  Now across the dam, we could clearly hear the rest of our team laughing like crazy and it dawned on me what the rest of the office must hear while we working.

The picnic eventually arrived and it was delicious.  It was beautiful and a wonderful end to the day.

So what did I learn?   I realised that red wine is just not for me and I still enjoy some Four Cousins sweet White or Rose (yes I said it) no matter how much you try and “educate” me, it will never be – and, you know what…  I’m fine with that.

I must say to Charne, Candice, Taryn, Monika, Paul, Shaun and Jan that I am very glad that we have a team of people that know how to get down to business but have fun at the same time.  I really enjoy working with all of you and I hope that we will have many more good years ahead of us!

I seriously do not know why we (as in Seth and I) have never done this before?!  This beautiful destination is like an hours drive away from us, but it’s like entering a whole new world.  Most of the farms even have play parks so you can make a real day out of it with family and friends.  Anyone interested?

3 thoughts on “Wine Touring With Incompass

  1. You are too legal, poor Santa Claus has become part of a document “clause”, sorry couldnt resist that one…. 🙂

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