First Swim This Summer…

A couple of Sunday’s ago it was beautiful here in Cape Town and seeing as we don’t have a pool of our own, we thought we would take the kids for a swim at Ga’s house.

Seth was walking in the forbidden space around the pool all by himself, deliberating whether or not it was hot enough to warrant a swim.  He clearly had decided it was when he jumped into the pool without much warning.  Riya (who had been watching him since entering the forbidden zone) just about lost her mind!  So that meant that she wasn’t keen to try it out.

That left Kyla, who very eagerly ran to put on her cozzy.  After lathering her in sunblock for the much anticipated event, this is what happened…

I had to coax her into going to Seth, she finally went, stood in the water for 0.5 seconds and then screamed to get out…  First summer swim over I guess…

On the bright side it must have brought out the ballerina in her…  How cute!

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