You May Not Hear From Me…

I have tried to put it off for far too long (with having babies and so on), but the time has come for me to get the Wealth Management Course (NQF 5) behind me.  Mainly so that I will actually be able to go on with my job and correctly advise people on getting Medical Aid, GAP cover and Short Term insurance!  Aren’t you just so jealous right now?!  It’s just oozes excitement…

Needless to say, with this pile of work and deadlines for 24 Oct, 26 Nov, 27 Dec and 30 Jan I will probably not be posting very much over the next 4 months.  Which is sad as this is the best time of the year in Cape Town.  And yes, that December date is 2 days after CHRISTMAS!

When will I be doing all of this?  Fantastic question…  Besides trying to do it in my sleep, I am thinking I will only have time after the girls go to sleep at 7/8 at night.  There is not even a slight chance they will let me do it during the day.

So until the next post, have a fantastic Spring everyone!



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