Birthday Celebrations At Cafe Roux

On Saturday morning I was able to spend the most beautiful morning with some of my friends and family at Cafe Roux in Noordhoek Village.  What awesome weather!  It is the first time that my party and my actual birthday day both had good weather (let it be noted in the history books!).

Thanks to Cafe Roux who were so hospitable and really made us feel at home – plus no washing up!  Woohoo!!

Another side note – we dressed the girls in beautiful Naartjie dresses that we bought for a special occasion (like their baptism or something) and seeing as this was the first special occasion to makes its appearance since the purchase of the dresses, we put the girls in them.  Thinking that I would take 1000’s of picture of them in it once we got there I didn’t bother taking any pictures before we left…  So we get there and I took beautiful pictures…  No…  That would be the fairy tale ending.  We are almost there (just looking for parking), when I hear an all too familiar sound…  Then the smell hit me and I knew…  It was vomit time!  Poor Kyla must have been a bit car sick – and thus decided to jom all over herself…  Needless to say I didn’t get any pictures of her dress…

But here are some vomit free pictures of the day…

These girls don’t quite know it yet, but they WILL be best friends!

More kiddos that they WILL be friends with…

Family photos…

And what is any post on our blog without lots of pictures of our girls…

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