How do you know you are in a relationship with an Architect?!


  • You buy a new piece of furniture and personally you don’t think it will fit, you tell this to your Architect partner and they disagree.  You are so sure of yourself that you stupidly bet that it won’t fit and if you lose you owe a chocolate.  You end up having to give a chocolate as it fits so flipping perfectly…
  • You arrive at a restaurant/club/bar/any building really.  They cannot access a wall or other structurally intriguing object that you are close to.  They ask you to knock it so that they can tell what it’s made of…  You do it.
  • You randomly talk about something you noticed at a friends’ home that you could try in your own.  The Architect can tell you the dimensions and pros and cons of the idea because they actually mentally detail every space they enter directly into the Revit/AutoCAD in their head.
  • You know about terms like gullys, water closets, balustrades, double volume, fascias, cavity walls  ………… and casually refer to them in conversations with friends.  Only when they give you a strange stare do you realise that they don’t know what you are talking about.
  • You drive passed a building that they have designed and they get upset because the colours that were used were not what they envisioned and designed.
  • You arrive at a building that they designed.  They get all emo on you, telling you what they wanted you to feel when you walk into the space.  Terms like freedom, inspired, tranquillity.  How they took a tree as inspiration and how a branch of the tree indicates life, and that is why each wing of the house ends in a bedroom.  Also casually implying that they can actually CREATE space.
  • You get a rundown of each building in the area that is currently being renovated and how long it took to finish.
  • You are not allowed to buy BIC pens, only the correctly sized markers or The Architect feels personally offended.
  • Everything is related to a deadline, “only 5 hours until its due”.
  • The Architect is as sick as a dog, but goes to work to meet the “deadline”.  When they come home they are unable to do anything…
  • You are constantly being asked what you would like in the house, as it is being redesigned at least once a week.
  • You hear about who slept less…  All the time.
  • You hear sleep talking about construction material, “no use the timber on those walls”.
  • You start hearing unfamiliar terms in their vocabulary because they spend more time at the office than they do at home – “get rid of these rats and mice”.
  • You actually think that with the amount of times you have heard about the inner workings of Revit that you could go in and make families yourself.

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