What’s Your Life Like (The Van Haghts)

  • So, I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel discouraged, like what I’m doing is not enough etc etc.  I’m sure we all have these moments, but somehow whenever I am feeling particularly emo, the Lord blesses me with friends, family and even sometimes total strangers whose kind and thoughtful words brighten up my day.

    This email is a perfect example of this, and it has really encouraged me.  Besides which she answers the questions to the post on “What’s Your Life Like” even though she does not have a blog of her own!  So I wanted to post it all here so that she didn’t go to the effort for nothing. 🙂

    Thanks Kirsty, you made my day!

    Hi Cindy,

    So I know that I don’t know you personally, but I love reading your blog…random I know. But I too have a fascination into other peoples lives, especially as yours is so different in that you have 2 kids! I can’t imagine being in your position and love your honesty in your blog! People often talk of motherhood and all that goes with it as such a beautiful thing, like it’s so easy and I really like that you are honest about it all…better to be well informed about these things beforehand :) I think that you guys are amazing in how you manage to keep it all together with all that you go through! You always look so pretty in all your pictures and I don’t know how you manage to keep it all up!

    So I thought that I would answer your questions…only fair since I read all about your life! But I don’t have a blog, so I’ll just put them here:

    How old are you? 27…just. I wish I was still 24, getting closer to 30 is not that exciting!

    What do you do for a living? I work as financial manager for a private equity company that invests offshore investors money in property and property development in South Africa…a mouthful I know!

    Do you have a spouse/partner or are you divorced/single? Married

    How long have you been with your partner? just over 7 years, will be married 4 years at the end of this year.

    What does your partner do for a living? Account Manager at a digital advertising agency who specialize in mobi sites (cell phone websites)

    How much time do you spend with your partner? All the time, besides for work and then we are on skype so talk during the day.

    What religion are you? I’ll copy your answer: We are Christians, but not just “Christians” – we are born again people who actively try to reflect the love of Jesus shown for us on the cross. We often fail but thanks to God’s grace we are forgiven.

    Do you and your partner share the same religious view? Again, same as you: Yes, thankfully we do.

    Do you have children? A beagle puppy who is 5.5 months old…very cute and naughty at times!

    How old were you when you had them? N/A

    Are you planning on having more kids? We want to have kids one day, but only in our 30s…we want 2 kids and if they decide to come according to order, which I know they don’t normally do, I would like them sometime between 31 and 35. Many reasons for wanting to have kids later, we want to focus on our careers for a while…I have a 7 year qualification, so would like to use it for a few years before I need to cut back on work, as I would love to be able to be there for my children work from home/half day when I do have children. Also I have a bad phobia of needles, so the doctors and birth process freaks me out! In all honesty I think I’m going to have to do for some counselling before I go through that! We also want to travel, love our sleep and life is so much fun at the moment that I’m not ready to give that up yet…way too selfish still!

    What type of housing situation do you have in relation to kids? We have a house, not a huge one, but it has a little garden, some room to expand and is perfect for us at the moment, enough space for entertaining and has space for children, should they decide to come earlier than planned. Would like to get a big house when we have kids, but if our finances don’t allow for that, we would be fine in our current house.

    Do you work or stay home and why? Work…would have nothing to do at home.

    What do you do with your kiddos when you are at work? Puppy child stays at home, we have a concreted side alleyway and washing area which is perfect as he can’t dig, there’s enough place for him to place (he has lots of toys) and we hook the washing room door open, so he has shelter from the rain.

    What kind of car/s do you have? I have a 10 year old Ford Fiesta which is starting to give trouble from time to time, but not too bad and is paid off, so would like to keep it as long as possible! Gavin has a Ford Focus ST, which he loves.

    Do you have pets? Yes, our baby as above.

    Do you have domestic help? How often? Yes, Cynthia comes once a week and does everything…we love her!!

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