8 Years Ago Today…

8 years ago today I fell in love with Seth!  I cannot believe that we have been together for a full 8 years.  It’s almost a decade!  Crazy!

Thinking back over that first year where butterflies ruled my stomach and things were new and exciting.  In a way I miss those butterflies, but after thinking about it I would not change where we are and what we have now.  We have grown together in love, maturity, Christ, parenting, kindness, joy and so much more.  It’s been a learning curve that I think has made us both better people.

To my dearest most precious man.  I love you!  More now than I did 8 years ago, a deeper, more understanding love that I will never let fade.  Thank you for being my best friend and someone that I can talk to about anything.  Who I can let loose and be myself around.  Thank you for being honest with me, loving me and showing me your love daily.  Thank you for transforming from an awesome boyfriend, to husband, to father – each role you embody and do it well.  You are such a precious gift that God has given me, I don’t ever want to take you for granted.  I love you, I love you, I love you!!!

So as I was reminiscing I went through a couple of old photos…

Our trusty stead that got us everywhere.

Seth was so dedicated that even though he had to work so hard he strapped the phone to his head so we could chat while he worked…

Seth even serenaded me- much like when he proposed…

Good times!  Here’s to many more!!!



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