Enjoying Spring Sun… (When It Decides To Show Up)

This past Thursday started with rain and gloom but it ended with a very hot afternoon (if you were sitting in the sun).  It was glorious!  Seeing as the girls love to be outside we had to soak up the awesomeness all afternoon…  You’ll notice that their millions of layers start getting stripped off because it was just so lovely and warm!

Did you ever play the game where you imagined that the floor was the sea and you had to jump across the carpets to stay dry and avoid shark infested waters?  Well my brother and I did and we had tons of fun – except the one time I jumped onto the mat on tiles and it slid, needless to say I landed right on my butt and Shane stood there laughing at me.  (Weird to think it happened in the very house we are living in now and where my kids will be growing up too!)  This was not so hardcore, but Kyla and Ri both tried very hard to jump between the mats, so funny to watch as their feet barely leave the ground (that bottom left one is her just hitting the ground)!

Riya refused to walk on the floor without her socks and shoe on, it was so funny to watch her.  She pulls the funniest faces.

Kyla decided it was a good opportunity to organise the mats on the floor.  And when that was done it was time to sleep…

RiRi kept “losing” her toy and then putting her hands to her mouth in a shocked face – so funny!!   (Check Kyla in the background about to pounce on Ri)

Oh how I enjoy these moments!  I love you both so much!

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