The Prayers Of A Little Girl

Bedtime prayers with Kyla have become a very special experience.  She has now decided that she is going to pray to Jesus herself – this is normally how it goes:

Parent Responsible For Putting Her To Sleep: “Kyla are you ready to pray now?”

Kyla (while launching herself into a lying position on her pillow): “Oh… Ja!”

Parent: “Who are we praying to?”

Kyla “Goh” (God)

Parent: “What are we going to pray about?”

Kyla (said with closed eyes): “godikadigodikadag uhhhhhmm golidamaga uhhhhhmm gaaadikadilooo.”

Parent: “Who do you want to pray for?”

Kyla (all of these words end on the highest pitch): “Nanaaa….  Uhhhmm…  Unc!…  Uhhhhmm….. Meow…  (This is her name for Cat – cos that’s the sound that cats make but not Cat as in Catherine ha ha.)… … … Uhhhhmmm…

Parent: And Gampie? (She can’t say Gampie)

Kyla: “Oh Ja! (with a little giggle).  Ga….  Papa…  Ma… Uhhhhm….

Parent: “Aunty Romy?”

Kyla: “Oh… Ja!”

Parent: “Aunty Mia?”

Kyla: “Oh, ja!  Beh (Her newly found nickname for Uncle Ben)

Parent: “Anyone else?”

Kyla: “Uhhhhhhmmmm….  RowRow! (Riya), Me (Kyla)…  Uhhhhm… Mama!  Dadda!”

Parent: “Ok, can I pray for them now?”

Kyla: “No, me! godikadigodikadag golidamaga gaaadikadilooo godikadigodikadag golidamaga gaaadikadilooo godikadigodikadag golidamaga gaaadikadilooo godikadigodikadag golidamaga gaaadikadilooo.  Jump!”

Parent: “Must they jump?!”

Kyla: “Ja”

Parent: “Must they jump for joy?!”

Kyla: (giggle) “Oh Ja!”

Parent and Kyla: “Ame (Amen).

I can’t even express how my heart swells in happiness when I hear her praying, it feels like it’s about to burst.  It’s so preciously gorgeous that I just can’t help but grin the whole time!

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