The Little People Are Sick (Again!)

Once again our little people are hit with another onslaught of sickness.  I have lost count of the amount that they have had this Winter, but seeing as I can only remember one week of them both sleeping through I am guessing it’s been a lot.  This time Kyla has a serious case of tonsillitis that requires 10 days of antibiotics and we’re not sure about Riya – we think it’s teeth (she’s pushing through her top fangs and a few others, and really struggling).

What absolutely amazes me is how they  can go from being happy, smiley and running around one minute, to having a serious temperature within minutes thereafter.  Going to sleep seems to escalate the fever into over-drive, as they can be perfectly fine going to sleep but wake up burning like fire – I swear if they’d sit still long enough I could probably fry an egg on their heads, maybe even fry some bacon.

Kyla is particularly gifted at nursing a fever right up to 40 degrees!  At which point she becomes a burning, shaky lump who just wants to cuddle – which obviously compounds the fever.  I must admit though, seeing as it is the only time she wants to cuddle with me, I’ll take every opportunity to hug her precious little body to mine.   The only effective medicine is a suppository up the you know where.  She’s had so many in her little life that she sees the box and points to her bum and says “bump”.  She even slept on Saturday and Sunday – all by herself!  I can’t explain how concerning this actually is…  She has not slept in the day for about a month and if she does it results in her only going to sleep at 9.30 at night – obviously that is crazy late so we would rather her not sleep (husband and wife time is just as important).  She literally sat next to me on her pink couch and just fell asleep!

Now that Riya is “better” it seems that her body is producing teeth at a rapid rate – she is pushing through 3 new teeth that we can feel, but possibly more.  The weird thing is she pumped out 7 teeth before she turned 1 and since then she just stopped teething while she was sick – not one came through, now she is making up for it big time.  This weekend Riya experienced her first real fever of 38.5 degrees.  She did not know how to handle it and it was terrible to watch!  Ri is particularly gifted at screaming.  Screaming loud, proud and inconsolably – it is crazy!  I can’t explain it.  I would record it and store it on here but I am sure it could be taped and used as some kind of torture method in war, though I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.  It starts for anything:  you moved wrong, picked her up, put her down, sat down, stood up etc.  You get the picture.

Although the Viral Guard that we had purchased has helped a lot this past month with the runny noses, it still didn’t stop this.  Basically we would appreciate your prayers as we struggle through this round of sickness, which is hopefully the last for this year.

2 thoughts on “The Little People Are Sick (Again!)

  1. thinking of you guys! sick kids really suck! Elijah has an ear infection and a slimy cough… so its horrible. I hope your girls are finished with their sicknesses for a while! miss you all

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