An Outing With Nana And Unc At The Barnyard (In Ottery)

The girls absolutely adore their family, so much so that I often think that they would rather be living with them than us!  I love that they have extended family that love them right back!

This past Saturday we spent the day with Nana and Unc at the Barnyard…  In Ottery…  Yes!  There is a Barnyard in Ottery!  It has:

Animals:  (I didn’t get a good picture of the goat who after a bit of attention would promptly try and break through his fence with his head!)


Rabbit and Ginea Pigs: 


What more could you ask for from a venue?!

Half way through our time there the lama or al packa (I’m never going to get this right – good thing I’m not home schooling!) decided that it was sick of being in his cage and just jumped out.  Seth being the gorgeously over protective Daddy that he is, was nervous that it would stand on Riya, so tried (unsuccessfully to draw it back in with a handful of popcorn!

The kids really enjoyed themselves, not only because they could eat sand, but because they could spend some QT with Nana and Unc!   

9 thoughts on “An Outing With Nana And Unc At The Barnyard (In Ottery)

  1. Its an llama 🙂 Stodels has alpacas (correct spelling 😉 ) Looks like you guys are doing the animal rounds! You should bring the kids to the farm sometime, we have chickens, turkeys, peacocks, finches, dogs, horses and somewhere there are bunnies!

  2. haha, I love a barnyard that has actual animals..unlike the tokai one, where they looked so sad! And dont worry about the alpaca thing..I totally thought that was a made up name for the llamas on CBeebies…erm..didnt know they actually existed! HAHAHA xxxx

    • I know that 2 are miniature horses 😉 Not sure what the other things is?!
      It’s opposite the China Town section of the Hypermarket, not sure on the road name though. There is a big yellow sign above the entrance and there is a plant shop on the left of it. Hope that helps 🙂

  3. Thanks Cindy! Zazi is staying with me tonight so I may take him tomorrow morning? Do they make decent coffee (a bribe to get Terence to join us)? 🙂

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