Wheelchair For My Dad…

Ok, before I post this I just want to say that I would not normally do these kind of posts as I look at them and think “ja right, this isn’t real”.  However this is very real to us – especially to him and my mom – and has been for the last 11 years.  I will let my Dad explain what it is, how the disease affected him and his needs as he has done it so well on his blog.

This is the just of it:

“I started having unexplained falls which I ascribed to clumsiness, then lack of fitness, then old age, but at no time did I suspect that I was heading for the most earth shattering news of my life. Many, many, many doctor visits later, after numerous pain filled probes, needles, tests and X rays, I was informed that I had Inclusion Body Myositis. HUH! I could not comprehend that I was headed for a permanent seat in a wheelchair. I don’t think a cancer or serious heart ailment would have affected me any more. I was devastated.

Now after 11 years knowing I have this disease and a few years where I sailed along blissfully unaware that the disease was present and was about to destroy my life as I knew it, I have come to a point where I need a specialized wheelchair. Alas! A normal wheelchair can’t do the job.

Because of the 12 to 14 hours I spend in my chair I need to relieve the pressure on my lower back and the joints in my arms and legs. My buttock muscles have degenerated so much as to be only skin over bone, which is rather tender to sit on.

The required chair has a tilt function with the added benefit of a manual leg lift position where my legs can be extended to straighten the knees and take weight off my feet and ankles. The added complication of bad circulation in my legs compounds the problem.

I have spent all of my available resources on a partially wheelchair friendly car, ramps, hoists, bathroom and living accommodation alterations and numerous mobility aids, and have finally reached a point where my well has run dry and I need assistance from donations towards this wheelchair which will cost a staggering R70,000.

My wife is such an uncomplaining star and works hard to provide for us but she only earns sufficient to keep us going from month to month. There is no money for a more suitable wheelchair. I would dearly love to earn a living but with all my assistance requirements it would be impossible to work in a normal office situation.”

If you are able to help we would really appreciate it.  Any contributions would be wonderful and we would all be very grateful.

Account Name : Wheelchair D. Clulow
Account No : 1012551687
Bank : Nedbank
Branch Code : 16420500
Type : Transactor Plus (Current)

I’m not sure about overseas transactions into the account – Mom maybe you could help here?

Thanks for reading and even if you can’t help personally, maybe you know of someone who can.  Much love guys and have a fab rest of your day.

4 thoughts on “Wheelchair For My Dad…

  1. Overseas transactions aren’t a problem but because it is in another country, donators in England have to go to a branch of their bank. It evidently cannot be done electronically. I’m not sure about the USA and other countries though.

  2. If its ok with you, I will repost on my blog too, and on my facebook page xxx Much love. My aunty suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, so i partially understand how degenerative disease can affect a life, she now going blind from her disease. xxx

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