Mommy… Dance! Dad-dy… Dance!

Kyla is a dancing machine.  Put on any music anywhere, any time and she will break it down.  Swinging her little hips and making up the most hilarious moves.  My favourite of which is a ballet move that we made up or the bend over and swing your arms from side to side move.  Riya likes to slowly move around in a circle with her arms up and then stands still while pumping her arms up and down.  All wonderfully entertaining.

We have spent many afternoons blaring “Hokey Pokey” and boogying down to the groovy tunes, laughing and spinning around.  Kyla loves to make her dolls dance with her too, which is especially hilarious.  It is actually such a work out, I want to collapse after about 5 songs, but they will go on forever.

It has become a tradition that whenever we are in the car, it is time to dance.  But she cannot dance by herself, she will demand that we dance with her…  Shouting “Mommy”, “Dans” – then I must wriggle and do some funky hand manouvres.  Then “Dad-dy”, “Dans” – then Daddy (despite driving) must start shaking his shoulders.  Then “Raw-Raw” and Ri starts banging her hand up and down like she is the rapper in a bad 90’s rap video…  People in traffic must think we have lost our minds (they can’t see the kids at the back because of the Windo Sox…).  I managed to capture a few pictures of the car dance routine on my phone this morning.  They are a bit blurred, but you can tell that they are into it!

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