Seth’s Prediction Of What Our Kids Would Look Like

Many years ago (about 3 or 4), I was bugging Seth about us becoming parents as I did every now and then (probably once a day) and always after a visit to Simon and Claudette who had just welcomed gorgeous Giorgia into the world.

We often discussed what our kids would look like because we are so different looking (unlike those couples that start looking more and more alike the longer they are together).  We have different skin, eye and hair colour, different shaped noses, eyes, mouths, lips… and, well, pretty much everything actually!

One day while skyping about it at work…  Um, I mean… When we were talking about it at home…  Seth sent me this picture…  Um, I mean showed me this picture…

After I dried my eyes, from all the laughing, I suddenly thought  “Oh No”, please don’t have kroos hair!!  Just joking, I would accept kroos blonde hair – that could be cute…  Except that I don’t know how to do a swirl cous…

Luckily the Lord saw fit to grant us with these two beauties!


Personally I think that my genes seem to have kicked Seth’s genes ass!  With both girls being quite fair skinned, blonde (relatively straight) haired and blue eyed (a surprising feature).  Riya seems to have my eyes, sharp nose and looks remarkably like me as a baby.  Kyla looks more like Seth with her smiling eyes, button nose and cheeks,  but Ri definitely has his gorgeous lips.

9 thoughts on “Seth’s Prediction Of What Our Kids Would Look Like

  1. Your girls are my hope of having blue-eyed babies! Terence says it’s impossible 😦

    Cindy, if you were bugging Seth 3-4 years ago, I don’t feel quite as bad starting my bugging of Terence at nearly 25 years old 🙂 We’ve probably got another 2-3 years to go though!

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