This Looked Smaller In The Shop… (Kyla Gets A Big Girl Bed)

Despite all the changes Kyla has gone though this week with not having her dummy any more – we decided it was time to go out and get Kyla a “big girl bed”.  We had actually been meaning to do it for the past 3 weekends, but just never actually got around to it.  The main reason behind it all was to get her out of the terrible routine that she had developed of sleeping in our bed, thus us waking up miserable (although I will admit that I love the cuddles, the cuddles with my gorgeous man are more important at this time of the day).  Now we can just go and sleep with her and come back to bed when she’s gone down…  In theory…

After going to various shops to get the bed, mattress, bedding, bed rail, child safety gate and a few other goodies, we were finally ready!  (You can see why we never had the energy before!)  We got everything set up and realised how flipping massive it is – it really did look smaller in the shop!!  (We got a proper 3/4 for her to grow with).

The first night involved me lying next to her, holding her hand – only for her to tell me “No”, “Move” and then she promptly turned over and was asleep in about 3 seconds!!  I think she was dying to be in her own bed, with the option of getting out if she so desired.  I think I would feel the same if I were in a cage in the dark every night!  The second night took a little bit longer with Daddy, but the night waking ended with Daddy going to sleep with her (for the rest of the night) and having the best sleep he’s had in a long time – must be the new mattress.

While we were at Mr Price Home (for bedding) we couldn’t help but get these gorgeously cute chairs – they match so perfectly with the theme of the room AND the girls would not leave them alone!!  Froggy graciously allowed me to photograph him enjoying the awesomeness.

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