Kyla The Break-Dancer

Kyla and Ri love to go to the park down the road from Ga’s house.  It brings Ri so much joy that when she hears “park” she will go and wait at the front door and then literally squeal with delight when the door gets opened!  On this trip they refused to be carried and walked all the way there (which is quite something for little legs).

As usual trips to the park are never dull.  They are times to run around on the beautiful green grass, splash in puddles, chase massive birds, count trees, wave at trains, pick flowers and learn to break dance…  Yes, Kyla decided it was only fitting to practise her smooth moves – although she looks like she is face-planting in the grass…

Riya was more interested in picking flowers and then throwing her hands up in a “where’d it go?” stance while dropping them in her lap, a far more entertaining passed time.

Some more snaps of my beauties…  I just can’t help taking 100’s of pics everywhere we go.


Ri-Ri and her skew ponytails…

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