Teddy Get’s A Nappy Change

Poor Teddy.  Recently he has been sent to the naughty chair repeatedly and now he seems to have a serious case of diarrhoea as his invisible nappy keeps having to be changed!  He is seriously having a bad month!

These are the only pictures that I could find with her and Teddy together – look how little she was!!

If you have ever watched the F Word (Gordon Ramsay’s new show) you will be familiar with his recipe that he does for you in the middle of the program.  There is no explanation, just one word instructions – something Kyla has definitely mastered!  (Don’t worry, I don’t let her watch Mr Potty mouth on TV, she came up with this all on her own, it just reminds me of of him…)  It goes something like this (just imagine it like he would say it):

Kyla looks at poor Teddy and picks him up.  She lifts him to her nose and waves her hand around her nose while saying:

Teddy – poofy” – Down Teddy goes on the floor – often choke slammed.

opie” – translation “open”ing the nappy.

diry” – translation “dirty”, said while throwing it across the room (thank goodness it’s make believe)

wipe” – with a wetwipe that is pulled magically from anything next to her.

close” – nappy now closed and on in a second – she’s even faster than me.

DONE” – shouted as she stands poor Teddy up.

But alas, just minutes later Teddy does it again… And again…  And again…

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