So Maybe We’re Not Ready To Join The Upper Class

In the previous post I mentioned that we had a night off to rest up.  So we decided we should treat ourselves to a divine supper at the Waterfront first, to get into the mood of relaxation…

We were walking past Balthazar and the waiter outside sprung into attack mode. “Hey yeah table for 2, yeah yey menus, here, take”. Not really knowing where we wanted to go it just seemed rude to turn down this amount of enthusiam. After viewing the menu, I wish we had turned it down, but we felt like spoiling ourselves.

During this time I learnt 4 important lessons:

1. Don’t ask for “sweet” wine at a wine bar – they will laugh at you behind your back!

Ok, so I can’t prove she laughed, but I still felt like a bit of a chop.  I don’t really do wine and if I do I don’t enjoy the bitter ones – give me some of those Cousins and I will be A-Ok!  I asked for help – bad idea.  It seems the sweeter a wine is, the crapper quality it is, so much so they don’t even stock it.  Also in order to do proper wine tasting you need to decant the wine into a glass bladder, swirl it around and then pour into your own glass…  (as observed by watching the table next to us).

It was ridiculous. The table next to us requested the wine guru (he had a special title which I can’t remember) who was in a suit and stood upright, like he had a cork up his own rear. He explained in vigurous detail why this wine matched that dish.  But basically it seemed as though if you had the right combination, glorious and magical taste explosions would happen in your mouth, sending you into true euphoria, making his job very necessary.

2. Having Ice In Your Whiskey Is A No Go Zone.

So Seth has developed a love for whiskey.  Upon ordering a 30 year old kind with ice, it arrived with the ice in a glass and a quip “the whiskey is too good to be with ice”.  Do they ask people if they want ice just to test them and see if they say yes?  And if you do then you’ve failed an unspoken coolness test?!

I was offended, but the whiskey was good just by itself . It was so smooth, well bodied and wholesome, but really, 18 years for this?! (Cindy exaggerated). 

3. Although South African, Fillet Is Pronounced “Fillay”

So we both ordered the fillet (which was so melt in our mouth delicious that you didn’t need teeth to eat it!).  But apparently we pronounced it wrong, and the waitress took many opportunities at slipping it in with the correct pronunciation.

If you order this fillet and even mention the word “well done”, apparently a small counrty filled with people will explode, making you a terrible person. Only this can explain the look of disgust Cindy received. Luckily I like mine medium-rare, which received a ” Ooohhhh great choice sir!” Phew, at least one country was saved.

4. We’re Not Ready For This

Not ready now and most likely never will be.  Besides the fact that the food was delish, the quality superb and the service infallible – I don’t think I could do this regularly. I was too scared to take pictures (though I tried with my phone and no flash – ending up with black foggy pictures not even worth putting on here).

I can appreciate good/expensive things but no one should look down on someone who enjoys the simple things as well. 1 year old bells or cousins at home while we woff down a half burnt, unmatured steak sounds really good to me.  

5 thoughts on “So Maybe We’re Not Ready To Join The Upper Class

  1. Amen to that! I always put sneeriness down to a low self-esteem in someone else. If it’s worth our while, or their while, to be in their company, so be it: but paying to be in the same place as people who tell you not to put ice in your whisky is no fun.

    Loved this post: frank and entertaining. Thank you.

  2. love this!! i hear you guys… which is why we never eat at the Waterfront, unless its from mugg and bean or something. You guys have to try – they are in Milnerton, but really worth it. When you go, tell the manager, Bronson, that the Pitts sent you… he’ll treat you well – he’s awesome, and friend of the family.

  3. Ah Balthazar, where the waiters think they’re high society socialites…erm no thanks.
    I can recommend a brilliant restaurant at the waterfront which is top notch ( a gazillion times better than balthazar) and where the waiters do serve high society but they are the most down to earth people you will meet! its called Bahia and its beautiful! I kinda went there a LOT before I had Lily and they were always so amazing, from bringing me congrats platters on finding out I was pregnant, to even giving me the name of the baker who does their little breadrolls ( i LOVED these and when I was pregnant, I craved them, so they gave me the bakers name)
    When you guys are over the Trauma of Balthazar ( which I too have experienced first hand) give it another bash and it will be well worth it. The view is out of this world,the people are friendly, you havent tasted Fillayyyyyyyy until you’ve been there and guess what else..if you just want to go there to eat their amazing Lindt Chocolate pudding, theyre ok with that too 🙂
    Im a pretty average person and I dont do snobbery by any means, Bahia was the only upmarket restaurant where I have really felt able to relax.
    Big Hugs x

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