Celebrating 2 Special Ladies!

On the 18th of August, 2 very special people entered our world, not in the same year, but the same day – which is pretty cool considering they are mother and daughter!  Happy, happy Birthday to Ga and Aunty Romy!

Before we get down to how we celebrated, we need to get down to who we celebrated!

Seth’s Mom, Colleen Alfino – or more affectionately known as Ga has been a real blessing in our lives.  Giving up her retirement to look after the girls really shows how much she loves them – and boy do they love her right back!!  Once insight of Ga, Kyla will NOT be with anyone else (I’m not even allowed to change her nappy at Ga’s house, she will call “Ga” and cry until I leave) – it’s like I don’t exist, I used to be offended but I love the fact that they have this bond with her.  She is a loving, caring, unselfish and wonderful individual and I hope to spend many more years getting to know her!

Romy is an absolute stunner of a woman!  So beautiful and fun to be around.  I am so glad that my girls are able to spend some time with her and pick up on her hilarious sense of humour.  They are looking forward to going to the Aquarium with her ;).  In the beginning I was seriously intimidated by this beautiful, fashionable person, but the more I get to know her the more I love her.

Enough of the mushy stuff.  We celebrated at the Ocean Basket in Sea Point.  We indulged in yummy food, good company and delish cake!  Even the girls had cake – they couldn’t believe it’s awesomeness.  Every bit that Riya put into her mouth involved shoving it in, smiling, throwing her head back and lifting her hand in the air.  Funny munchkin.

Sadly I didn’t get any pictures of Ga, but we were at opposite ends of the table.

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