An Unexpected Surprise!

As some of you may know, our kids have been quite sick and have been sleeping terribly.  Or actually, they don’t sleep – so they have been awake terribly.  Seth’s parents felt sorry for us and were gracious enough to give us a whole night off to catch up on our sleep.

So after getting them bathed and feed, and the last kisses and cuddles, we left them at around 7.  As I got into the car I noticed a long, pink flowery bag – like the ones you would give wine in as a present.  Assuming it wasn’t for me, I didn’t touch it.  When Seth got in he told me to open it…  There was a long, flat pink box…  With a beautiful necklace inside!!  Wow!

Then he told me the long story of how people at his work had the catalogue and he took it for a look.  And you can also get things to put on the necklace if you wanted to.  Oh I said…  He asked if I would want to get something for it and so he said maybe I should look in the cubby hole and see…  There was another flat, pink box – this time it was square.  Inside was a beautiful embellished cross!!

By this time I didn’t know what to do with myself!  Then he went on about the rest of the stuff, leading me on and baiting me ever so carefully.  They do earrings, would that be something that I would want?  They do jewellery parties, so maybe I should go next time to get something to match…  Then he pulls out another box, with, you guessed it, earrings!

Everyday when Kyla sees me wearing it, she strokes it and says “Dada”, then says “More”.  Translation:  Dada needs to buy more! She even went all the way to the lounge (from the bedroom) to tell him and actually did (She normally looses purpose about half way!)

What a beautiful surprise!!  I love you bubs!  Not only because you spoil me – but it doesn’t hurt. 🙂  Thank you again for the thought and love that went into this, you are amazing! xoxox

4 thoughts on “An Unexpected Surprise!

    • We went to the Waterfront, slept the whole night through and then missed the girls and chaos in the morning. It was so weird!! A quiet house to wake up in. I wish I could say that we were early for work, but we enjoyed the sleep so much we couldn’t get up!

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