Where’s My Cowboy Belt

My original title was “A Fling Can Fix Anything” but, when I read that it again I realised that it is a bit to ambiguous…  That kind of “fling” definitely won’t fix anything.

As round 2 of sickness hit our home recently, with Riya and Kyla both having ear infections, sore throats and phlegmy chests it seems like nothing is going right.  Add to that that they can’t suck a dummy with a blocked nose and you can imagine what our nights were like.

But despite a raging temperature, Riya was dancing the other morning…  Why?   Well it’s easy: FLINGS!!!  Besides Tuc biscuits, they are the only thing that they will eat.  Yes, I let them have Tuc biscuits and Flings for supper the other night… It’s better than an empty tummy and it makes them happy.  So happy in fact, that I feel like walking around with a cowboy belt and instead of guns, I’ll have packets of Flings that I will fling into their mouths whenever they get miserable.  I’m on the verge of converting Seth’s very manly tool belt… Maybe even get a F printed on my top with a cap.  I draw the line at wearing my undies outside my pants though!

When 1 Is Not Enough

I'm Going To EAT This Fling!

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