Did You Say Date Night?!

Yes, Date Night.  When I told my business partner that we still make time to go on Date Night’s he laughed at me…  He couldn’t understand why a married couple would still go on dates.  And that’s a good question, why should a married couple go on dates?

Do you ever feel that your kids take up so much of your time, all you do is think, talk, eat, dream and bath kids?  The time spent with your partner is when you collapse in a lump in bed, if you make it to the bed that is – and don’t fall asleep on the couch (our nasty habit)…  Or talking about the kids and the funny things they did that day, or the amount of nappies they went through (which is crazy and often worth talking about)…  You probably get the picture.

Remember the time when it was just the two of you, spending time at restaurants without kiddies menus and removing all hazardous material from the table (including pepper), when you could go to the movies/shops/beach/holiday/road trip at the drop of a hat.  When you could literally do anything you wanted, whenever you wanted.

Date nights are there to remind you of this time – not to make you resent where you are now, but to take the time out to enjoy each others company again and to get to know each other again as you mature in life (read “get old”).  Things change, jobs change, situations change and people change.  It is so important to keep the love alive and make sure you bond with your partner throughout all of these changes.  After all, eventually the plan is that the kids will leave the nest and it will be time to be alone together again. Agree

We have the privilege of having my mom to baby sit every Wednesday night so that we can attend Bible Study (when the kids aren’t sick and blah blah blah).  But when there is no Bible Study, she still comes and we get to go on very precious Date Nights!!!  Aaaaah Yeah! YEY

A lot of the time we see a movie that we have been wanting to see, but we also go out for long, leisurely suppers.  These times are really great, we really enjoy them and I’m sure you would too! Yes

I try and take pictures of our times together (I don’t know if you’ve noticed that I’m a bit “picture obsessed”)… Anyway, these are phone camera pics, so not the best quality…

Dinner with a walrus…  Or a vampire whose teeth are on steroids… I am actually a saber toothed tiger!

Valentines day with Picasso…Didn’t do much talking on this date…Don’t put me infront of paper with crayons!

Would you look at that! Interesting master pieces on the wall, but the most beautiful was the one sitting opposite me.

One thought on “Did You Say Date Night?!

  1. You are so right… I need to get my butt in gear and get us going on date nights more often… Miss the days where we could eat with BOTH hands! Haha! Tell Jan that his life will be way more pleasant with date nights 😉

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