Is That A Lama Or An Alpacka?

On Tuesday we decided to explore somewhere that was not the Barnyard!  After some deliberation we decided to drive half way across the world to the other side of the curtain…  Good thing we packed our passports!

As is becoming the norm, we tend to make a pit stop on our way there…  I’m not sure if it’s because we think that they don’t have food in the Northern suburbs or what the thinking is, but we always end up at Mac D’s… (Terrible I know!!  I didn’t even bother taking a pic of the bad food) Let me just clarify this for all the peeps who know I appreciate good coffee. Maccy dees coffee is hideous, but not completely undrinkable and I desperately needed my morning caffeine fix.ok!

When we finally arrived at Stodels in Bellville/Durbanville, I was astonished at what I found!  Besides a large play area, with jungle gyms, sand pits etc, hey have a full on animal farm (with Lama’s and all!).  They also had this cool thing:

You actually climb in it and run around like a hamster!!! I was ready to jump right in, but sadly it was only for kids!

We deliberated about buying the fake grass below. So many pros, but so many cons. It was about R480 a running meter, so about 2mx1m. Quite pricey, but its pretty cool for a small garden. 

We also met up with Liz, Chris and Elijah.  Here are some pics of the encounter…

Some pics of Kyla, who for the most part was very friendly and playful with Eli…

And some of Riya who was less interested, but surprisingly just as gentle.

Some of the only boy, who enjoyed crawling backwards on the fake grass.

And last but defs not least, my most handsome husband!

Before heading back to our hood, we made a pit stop at the Pitt’s residence to have some lunch and for the girls to show Liz what more she needs to do to “baby proof” their house.

We finished it off with Magnums in the car on the way home – with shouts of “Me, me me, me”, little chocolate covered fingers (and shortly thereafter, chocolate covered pants, tops and car seat!).  The only thing was that there was something strange with my Magnum…  Can you spot it?

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