Teddy Does Time On The Naughty Chair

One day last week (I would tell you which one if they didn’t all blur together) I was sitting on the couch trying to catch my breath when I noticed a scene unfolding in front of me…

Kyla had gone and gotten her “naughty chair”, placed it in the “naughty spot” and was now sitting with Teddy on the floor.  Then she got up, sternly looked Teddy in the eye and said “No” and gave him a tap on the leg.  She then proceeded to take him to the naughty chair, where she placed him carefully – muttering stuff about “no, naughty, scratch” and other things only Teddy could understand.  Once he was seated she held her hand out and said “stay” and came over to me, looking all proud of herself.

By this time I was giggling and stifling a full blown laugh and had to get it together when she came over.  I asked her what happened…  She said that “Teddy”, “scratch” and pointed to her cheek.  I said “Oh, dear, that’s a very naughty little Teddy” and she nodded.  She then turned and went back to Teddy and mumbled to him again about being “naughty”.  Then, to my surprise, she gave him a big hug and kiss!

By this time I couldn’t control my composure anymore and I proper laughed.  Bit of a mistake as now it’s a game and everyone gets a turn on the naughty chair…  Including the blocks…  Even Dada did his time on the chair for coming home late!

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