Sick Birthday Girl Still Knows How To Party

Ri unfortunately spent her very first birthday celebrations suffering with an ear, throat and chest infection!  Plus it was bucketing with rain, stopping us from going for a quick visit with Nana and Grampy before work, so it was a very chilled out day.  But despite all of that she still managed to have a good day!

She found the energy to sweep and get kisses from her lovely big sister!  We spent the day at Ga and Papa and had a tasty braai for supper.  Yum, yum.  And by the time it came to blowing out candles she had been awake WAAAAAY longer than she should have been.

Blowing out the candles was a bit of a non-event – she just hung over them and Mommy had to do the blowing!

Nevertheless our beautiful smiley baby turned a whole 1 years old and although she wasn’t feeling so lekker, she made the most of her day.  Love you lots my Riya-Boom-Biya!!

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