15 Minutes Of Fame… Marie Claire Oct 2011

We have the priviledge of possibly featuring in the October edition of the Marie Claire!  (Much thanks to Nicole who sent us the original email!).  Why would they want us to be in their magazine?  Well that’s a good question!

They were looking for inter-racial couples to tell their story, and so we were chosen.  But this post is not about that, because hopefully you will be able to see the pics and our interview in the October edition of Marie Claire, if they choose to use us despite our pics and interview.  This is about the actual shoot…

I was so nervous about this thing for so many reasons: would we actually be what they were looking for now that they have seen us in person, would we ruin the shoot by not posing properly, would our kids decide to go crazy on set and destroy things, would our clothes be ok, would we get there in time, would the girls scream and cry for the whole thing…  I could go on and on.  All of these things (and more) were rapidly running through my mind as we drove down Obs Lower Main Road looking for the place – which we struggled to find, increasing my anxiety.  Seth eventually parked close to where we thought it was and took to looking on foot.

The people who were hanging around their car outside told us to go down a creepy alley way to get in.  So we grab our brood and try and walk in some kind of calm to the alley way of death.  It was freaky, and for a moment I thought we were in some kind of sick plot to get us there to kill us or steal our kids or something.  We made it alive down the alleyway and then got to an open door…  We looked in and it was a warehouse full of scrap of metal and various other weird things.  No human in sight.  But we heard talking…  So willing my shaky knees forward we moved towards the sounds.

We entered a room that must be some kind of art exhibition and saw 2 very beautiful people that could have been works of art.  I thought they were just models there, for some other shoot or something.  But no…  They were also there for THIS shoot!  Here I was thinking it was about normal people!!  Oh my word!  My nervous fear that I was experiencing went into overtime!!!  We can’t be in the same feature with these people!?!  We don’t compare.  Stress!!

They were actually lovely down to earth people who just looked like they had stepped off a run way somewhere in Paris.  After they left we got down to getting our make-up and hair done.  The girls were actually so good and just sat still (except Riya who wriggled a little bit).  Even Seth got a bit of make-up!  Then we sifted through our mountain of clothes and got ready to go outside to take the pictures.

It turns out that the people waiting outside were not randoms, but actually the photographers.  We stood by a wall and had to look relaxed…  The actual picture taking went so quickly that although the whole process felt like 2 hours, it was in fact only 30 minutes.

Apparently the pictures were great.  But we have yet to see what happens!  We will let you know if it all works out and if you need to go and buy the October issue of Marie Claire.  Obviously we don’t mind signing it…  We are celebrities now after all!

3 thoughts on “15 Minutes Of Fame… Marie Claire Oct 2011

  1. I LOVE MARIE CLAIRE and it is possible the only grownup magazine I actually take the time to read, because the articles are EXCELLENT! Congrats to your whole beautiful family…I cant wait to see the october issue! And Cinds…..trust me, you and seth are a ridiculously good looking couple…let alone how beautiful your two girls are, not everyone can look like they stepped off a ramp in Paris, but I can tell you, you are both not far off! Sending you a big hug and I just want to say you are an awesome couple…I may just be seeing from the sidlelines, but I know you and seth love eachother dearly and your two beautiful girls are a the amazing product of your love and commitment xxxxx
    p.s. would Kyla like to do a playdate with Lily…there is a playpark just down the road from us called the playshed! xxx

    • Thanks for your sweet comment! I really appreciate it!
      We would love to do a play date!! The next 2 weekend are hectic, but the one after that good for you?

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