Too Good Not To Share

In the party post I didn’t really put a lot of pictures of the girls because it would have been ridiculously long, but I can’t not share them…  So here they are (pictures courtesy of Happy Snappies)

A lot of Riya’s pics have her dummy in her mouth – that is because she hardly slept and it was the only way to keep some semblance of calm.

This is SUCH a Kyla look!

What’s that?  Up there?  (Probably the 1000’s butterflies – at least she noticed!)

Some gymnastics to warm up for all the socialising…

Kyla loves to draw and spent most of her time at this table…

Special time with Riya and her Great – Grandmother (Ma).

I am positive Riya picked up that cupcake from the floor…

Kyla and I catching up of whether she was enjoying herself…  She was (btw)

Riya spending some time with Aunty Neva – real little social Butterfly…

Unc was fearing for his face – it doesn’t look like it by the photos but Kyla was banging the crayon on the drawing really hard!

What a great time!!!!!!  Looking forward to next year!  Love you both so much – my precious babies!!

2 thoughts on “Too Good Not To Share

  1. Your family inspires me to have one of my own oneday. I really hope to have the same love you and your husband share and beautiful children!

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