All The Pretty Butterflies and DragonFlies

All the gorgeous kiddo’s that joined Kyla and Riya for their Butterfly party (well almost all – there are some friends that unfortunately didn’t get their picture taken).  But we thank you all for coming you really made the day so special for our girls – even if you don’t have a picture!!

The lovely Leah slept through the entire party…  Such a good girl!  So I stole a picture from her Mommy for you to see her with wings (her Mommy also has a gorgeous blog about this gorgeous girl – check it out for more pictures and the joys of parenting):

Then there is the sweetest Sadie-Mia.  She is such a beautiful, gentle little girl!  She is also rocking the glasses that were in the party packs!  (Her Mommy also does a blog about this sweetie pie – check it out for more about Sadie-Mia).

Elijah also made an appearance – looking very boyish with a bee costume (albeit an aliceband that kept it there ;)).  His Mommy also documents his life as well as reviews cool baby products – I’m sure you will enjoy it).

The Paton beauties (Zoë and Giorgia) also joined us to party it up!  How beautiful are these girls!  Their Mommy also mentions their happenings in their blog every now and then 😉

Little Ella joined too – with her most beautiful wings!  I can’t believe how much this precious girl grows every time I see her!

The most articulate 2 year old ever – Sarah joined us too!  I cannot believe how smart this girl is – saying whole sentences!  It’s incredible!  Plus she is just gorgeous!!

The cousins also came all the way from the other side of the curtain to party with us!  It was so great to see them all again.  Dylan and Jordan (siblings and children of Cindy and Gareth) and Caleb (child of Cheryl and Shaughn).  They were all so cute and polite!  Dylan even came and said thank you and gave me a big hug!  So sweet!!

This is Dylan:

This is Jordan:

And this is Caleb:

The only real dragonfly of the day – Lihle (costume design by the most creative Julia!).

A very tired Hannah also joined us to celebrate!  It was lovely to see her in person – despite lack of sleep she was just amazingly cute!

I have not forgotten about Cameron, but unfortunately we didn’t get any pictures of him.  He was upset with the noise, so poor Chris had to spend a bit of time in the passage.  But he WAS there, and he WAS gorgeous!

6 thoughts on “All The Pretty Butterflies and DragonFlies

  1. Thanks Cindy for your sweet words and again for an awesome party! Lovely way to show the costumes of the day! hugs and kisses xxx

  2. You guys really make me want to join the mommy club…unfortunately Terence still isn’t quite convinced that it’s a ‘cool’ club to join 🙂
    That being said, he really enjoyed our time with Liyah, so let us see what happens 😉

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