Honeymoon Memories – Durban

We were fortunate enough to have 2 parts to our honeymoon.  Seth planned the entire thing except for the first night – which was a given because we got a room at Monkey Valley (where we had the Reception).  This was really amazing!

After taking pictures on the beach and then me waiting in the car for about 30 minutes so that Seth could set-up his surprizes, we finally got into the room at about 4pm.  This worked out perfectly because we were tired after all the “weddingness” but still had enough energy to have supper at the Monkey Valley restaurant. I asked the awesome bridesmaids to set out rose petals, candles and Lindt chocolate balls while we were at the reception. All I had to do was light all 50 candles and the fireplace, which proved harder than usual – for some forgotten reason.

What a beautiful place to wake up in the morning!  It was slightly misty on the beach, but we could see people riding their horses.  It was so amazing.  We then rushed of to get the rest of our things at Seth’s parents and to say goodbye to Mia (who left while we were away).  Then we were off to the AIRPORT!!  I couldn’t believe it!!!  It was my first flight EVER!!!  We were on a Jetplane to Durban!

After the short flight and a check in at the Spur (of course) we went to Budget to get our car…  What a mission!!!  Even though the booking was all done and dusted, there was a problem because we didn’t have a credit card and you needed to give a deposit or something.  Great…  So we waited about an hour before we eventually got the car.

Then we were off to investigate the world of Durban… Well the city of Durban anyway.  We checked into our first destination…  Somewhere in Durban…  I don’t even know where I was.  All I know is that it was right on the beach.  We were greeted by the host who didn’t wear a belt around his jeans, but should have and then went to our room!  There was a King size massive bed and jacuzzi bath.  We also had a balcony totally to ourselves to enjoy the view of the ocean right there.  There was also champagne and chocolates…Organised by yours truly, I’m so morantic

All I remember from this time is spending almost an ENTIRE day at the shopping centre there…  The big one that I can’t remember…  How true to form…  I cannot believe that we spent an entire day at the shops when we could have been sight seeing or doing anything really, anything other than spending time walking around shops that we have at home – the even had a CAPE TOWN Fish Market for crying out loud!

We did however spend a bit of time in “nature”…  We did the walk down to the beachfront which only took like 10 minutes, but it felt like 30.  And when we got there we realised that due to the storms that had happened there recently, most of the beach was washed away and there was about a 10 metre drop to get down to the actual water…

Then we headed to the pièce de résistance of the trip to Durban…  Seth really knows how to choose them…  I can’t even explain it…  It was like a bad 70’s retro vibe, mixed with a bathroom cave and a slice of musical heaven (for when you want to read music while on the loo!) . If you can imagine a cheap 70’s sleazy bachelor set, this was exaclty the vibe. The owner smelt of sweat and cigerettes and had the shortest shorts on and no shoes. All I saw on the brochure was a corner bath and jacuzzi on the balcony – which was awesome. AWESOME FOR MYSELF!! Cindy refused to even get into the jacuzzi! 

This place was even more in the middle of no where and I really don’t know what area it was.  But this is the place that we spent the most time in doors, mostly due to the weather being a bit junk.  We cooked, we braaied, we read books, we watched miniature, bad South African TV and we laughed at how crazy this place was.

At one point we even got a visit from a little frog, who decided that hiding under the Kitchen cabinates would be the best place to scare the crap out of Seth…  Note how he is washing the dishes (not just that he was washing dishes)...And I never stopped washing dishes! (Until we got a dishwasher!)Below is a story – I love pringles (well did back then), I was excited, then a gust of wind came and blew them off the table!

Then were back on a plane to Cape Town!  (After another quick stop at the Spur… The top right pic is of cholesterol in a glass, sprinkled with nuts. It was yummy but I couldn’t do that to myself now.

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