Feeding Chair – Literally

Meal times are something that I often dread when I know that I have to feed them by myself.  There are a few reasons for this:

  1. You cannot feed the one without the other one, unless you are wanting to have one of them permanently attached to your leg screaming.
  2. You can’t always give them different food (like Kyla nice easy to eat finger food and Riya the messy stuff) because they are getting clever – they want what the other has.
  3. Kyla can feed herself but often half of it lands up in her lap or the floor.
This being said, on Sunday night after the monster party we were all feeling a bit drained still and the kids were clearly only their way to being properly sick (but we hadn’t realised that yet).  We all just gave up and Riya had her first real meal of eating by herself…  She really did feed the chair… and the floor… and her clothes… and her hair…  and her eye…

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