I DO Love My Sister (Believe It Or Not)

Although the girls’ personalities are like chalk and cheese, they really do get on well when they aren’t fighting!  These are some of those precious moments from this month…

In the bottom right picture that really is Riya about to kiss Kyla and not Riya about to eat Kyla’s face…

Kyla is helping Riya walk in the park – because walking in the park isn’t just a walk in the park…  …  Ok, I know I’m lame and that joke sucked.  I also know that the bottom 2 pics have already featured in the blog, but how can you resist it!

They decided to sit together to eat their Flings and they were both looking at me at the same time AND smiling!  Obviously when the camera came out it turned into an 80’s music video where they each look in different directions.

5 thoughts on “I DO Love My Sister (Believe It Or Not)

  1. Now it’s post’s like these that make me seriously think about having another baby close to Leah…don’t tell Corne! This is really awesome that these two girls are growing up together like this. Cindy you are blessed with two beautiful girls, I can see you are enjoying them lots!! xxx

  2. Oh i can also recommend it! Lea and killian are such good friends in spite of the sex difference and the stubbornness!! Tough but really worth it!!
    Your girls are very cute and I’m sure you get a lot of ‘are they twins?’

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