I’m Not That Blonde

So I finally figured out that it’s not just my non-existing understanding of coding or web-building that meant that the “like” button we have on our webpage is not actually connected to FB.  Wordpress just hasn’t caught up yet, when they do, so will we…  Until then if you enjoy our blog and feel like giving it some love check out:

  • If you feel like “liking” us on Facebook .
  • If you feel like giving us some daily love, you can click on the “Top Baby Blogs” block on the right hand corner, then click the left block.
  • If you feel like following us on Twitter – CindySeth
  • Or if you are in the world of Google+ which I still haven’t properly figured out.
Although I write these things for my children to read when they are older, it really is encouraging to have other people that enjoy it too!  Thank you for persevering with us.
If you really want to support, you can also read my extremely interesting blog about architecture

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