Pre-Party Chaos…

So for Kyla’s 2nd Birthday and Riya’s 1st Birthday we decided to go big, cos we managed to keep them alive so far ;).  We rented a hall.  Now before your mouth drops open in shock, please note that it is a relatively small girl guide hall in Pinelands, and it holds fond memories as I had my Kitchen Tea and 21st there.

Fond memories for me too. I went to many disco parties here when I was in primary school. The days of boys sitting one side, girls on the other, then building up the courage for the slow dance section. (I hope you didn’t build up any courage!)

It took a while to decide on a theme, but we eventually decided on butterflies…  How original…  We spiced it up by it being butterflies for girls and dragonflies for boys, but any insect would be totally fine.  Seth got to work making the invites – this is his speciality! Thanks but it’s easy making good looking invites with extrememly good looking children! 

I got to work making some decorations with lots of help from my Mom – who cut out at least half of them.  Ga also found these super cute bees from Mr Price Home for only R9.99!!!

In the the weeks leading up to the party I watched Cindy cut out roughly 5 trillion butterflies. Our house looked like the 11th Egyptian plague hit it. Now for me, this was completely insane. I made no secret of what I thought and tried hard to get her to stop at about 2 million. I myself would rather eat a butterfly than cut out even 50. I just don’t have the patience, but Cindy clearly has too much. She ignored my comments of her being completely mental and steadied on, and eventually proved me wrong. The hall looked amazing!!! Be sure to check out the post of the actual party. Such a clever little monkey she is. Now, we going to use the swarm in the girls room!

Ok, so maybe it was a little crazy…

I took of 2 whole days to “get the party started”.  Thursday was for shopping and decorating and Friday was for baking.  I made some biscuits and my Mom made her fab crunchies…

We also made the birthday cake which was 6 rounds and lots of icing.

In the beginning the cake looked more like a sun…

Kyla and Riya each had a butterfly with the year as the body…

Friday night was a last minute rush to get all the party packs sorted and the stuff ready to take in the morning.  I got the idea for the party packs when I was Googling the Butterfly Theme.  The letters are magnets, so you can put the name on your fridge if you like.

Saturday morning was a crazy rush of getting things together and making sure it was all presentable for the guests.  I cannot take all the credit for all of the awesomeness, but I will thank everyone in detail in my next post cos it will make more sense.  Now you will be wondering why, and that is because there will only be final product and party fun pictures in that blog.  Mostly due to the fact that we are waiting for Kirsten to give us all the cool pics that she took of the day (thank goodness she was there…  Otherwise we would have no pictures again!!)

7 thoughts on “Pre-Party Chaos…

  1. What a great party, I had such an awesome fun time photographing all the little moment and am sorting through about 400 pics right now. Thanks so much for supporting Happy Snappies!
    Cya in a few days for delivery of them 🙂

  2. Missed seeing my babies have a ball. 😦 Well done to all of the decorators, moms and dads that made it such a success. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tinks and Poppet.
    I love you all so much.

  3. that looks exhausting! 🙂 but beautiful 🙂 I completely get the excitement about making your kids’ birthday parties beautiful, fun and exciting. Well done!

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