2 Year Old Abstract Artist

It is finally time for the 2 year old version of abstract art for Kyla.  I have been looking forward to it since she did her last one a year ago…  I know I’m weird, but I’m one of those mommies who live vicariously through their kids (don’t worry it will hopefully only be in terms of art expression).

Anyway I digress.  I sent Seth out a while back to get 2 colours (I said pink and purple) and a canvas that is bigger than the first one.  This is the result…

The fact that her clothes matched the paint was definitely not planned!

Kyla LOVED it and just kept on going!

This time around she was so good and didn’t put her hands anywhere near her mouth, although she got some in her hair.  This is the final product, to be hung in their room once the fumes have subsided…

I can’t wait to see next years!!

7 thoughts on “2 Year Old Abstract Artist

  1. I abosolutely LOVE your blog!!! You inspire me to meet the man of my dreams and have a cute family like yours. I cant wait to read about your girls and I really enjoy watching them grow up.

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