Let’s Meet At Spur

I am a Spur addict.  I guess I must have a taste for life.  Anyway, we recently met up with my good friend Liz Pitt (and sweet little Elijah) to do a deal – a treat to lunch and some face time in exchange for Sims3 Generations!!!  Yippee!  Although I must say that I would have loved to do this anyway without the dodgy dealings on the side.  Liz and I worked together a good long time and developed a really strong and honest friendship that I value and cherish.

Enough with the mushy stuff..  I managed to take these pics before the usual chaos started – where we have to move all dangerous steak knives and glasses to the middle of the cluttered table and where one of my kids manages to get to them anyway.  Most of the juice that they were drinking landed up on their clothes, the seat or the table with over excited squeezing occurring.  Kyla decided to change it up and had fried viennas and weird chip faces…  So healthy…  And Riya ploughed her way through a Mac ‘n Cheese!!  She even feed herself a bit.

By the end of the short but hectic adventure we had to change Riya’s outfit completely and it looked like a bomb hit our little cubile.  However despite the chaos and most of the talking directed at cautioning children to stop what they are doing right now or run the risk of getting a smack in public, I think we had a good time.

I miss you my Lizzy!  Hope we can do it again soon!

As usual we decided to push our luck and we went “shopping”…  It ended with me only trying on one pair of pants because Kyla was running around and climbing on the clothes stands and Riya mutilated herself with a coat hanger (it turned out to be a scratch, but the way she cried I thought she was dying!).  By this point we gave up on getting Kyla her present before her birthday and fled the shopping centre, leaving a trail of coffee and disapproving old women behind us.  (Riya decided to be “CatGirl” and almost wriggled through the leg hole of the trolley while 2 old ladies almost had a heart attack and tuned Seth.  She then managed to spill Seth’s coffee in the trolley and by the time he got to drink it, he realised that due to the spillage that Ri caused there was a hole at the bottom of the cup.  While Seth tried to salvage the last of his coffee I gave up on shopping with children ever being productive.

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