How A Two Year Old Spends Their Birthday…

Despite a pretty sucky night’s sleep which ended up with both of them in bed with us and Riya trying to sleep on Kyla – the Birthday Girl woke up surprisingly bright eyed!  I think she was excited for her birthday without really knowing what it was all about.  We sang Happy Birthday to her and she didn’t really know how to react, she just kinda sat there staring at us and then got all shy.

In anticipation of this day we had been teaching her to answer the question of “How old are you turning?” to which she replies “Du” (Two).  So the entire day she was asked how old she was and she would shout “Du!”.  Then if you ask whose birthday it was she would shout “Me” (she still can’t/won’t say her own name).  Later in the day I said it was my birthday to which she frowned and said, “NO, Me!!”….

Once we were ready to rock and roll we popped into visit Nana, Gampy and Unc to have a mini present opening.  She was so shy she didn’t actually want to walk into the house!

After opening the presents she proceeded (in true Kyla fashion), to perform her “visiting Nana” rituals, but only got as far as the tea set before we had to leave.

When we got to Ga she marched straight to her present (that had been given to her on Monday) and slide down the slide over and over.  Then she got kisses from Dado (and Mama – but seeing as I’m the only one that takes pictures there’s no record of that – I suppose you’ll just have to believe me…) before we unfortunately had to leave for work.

While we were slaving away at work, the Birthday Girl was enjoying a birthday breakfast with Jenna, Josh, Sammy, Aunty Neva and Uncle Gordon.  With balloons and a Happy Birthday sign and everything!!

When I got home we had lovely talks about everything that she had done all day to which she answered “Ja” to most of my questions in varying tones and pronunciations – it is so darn cute.  I really feel like we having a proper chat.

Out came the broom and we had to sweep up Ma’s front yard (I think she wants to become a Domestic Worker the way she loves sweeping and washing!).  Once it was satisfactorily swept, we sat and watched the ants walking around (she is as obsessed with them as I was – ok… still am).

We can’t be near Ma’s house without going in for a visit.  This entails the unpacking of all of Ma’s dolls that she has collected over the years.  There are 3 dolls that are hers and if Riya even comes near them she starts saying “no, no, no, no”.  While we were there, Ma was finishing off some cakes that she made for dessert.

Then we did a quick bath and supper before Dado came home and then we all indulged in a yummy braai.  It was great!  We finished it off with lemon meringue and the blowing out of candles on the cup cakes!

And all off this won’t even begin to compare to the double birthday party next Saturday!  I think I’m going to stock up on Redbull’s now!

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