A Love For Vintage Photo’s

For a very long time Seth has always reminded me that I have no real hobbies (besides him).  I like to read, but never do.  I like to um…  Ok so that was it in terms of hobbies…  I kept trying to think of things that I liked or could actually do but kept coming to the same result – big amounts of nothing.  Recently Seth has had a mountain of private work to do and I have been forced to come up with something to do in the evenings when the girls are finally asleep.  I have realised a few things in this time:

  1. TV (despite the fact that we have DSTV) is really monotonous and often just crap.
  2. I should probably use this time to just relax and “do nothing”.
  3. I can’t just do nothing.

Besides that I figured there are things that I love to do.  One being clothes and beautiful things, which I will now explore in a new regular blog feature called “The Love, The Wish and The Wardrobe“.  I also realised that I love photographs, new and old, but especially “vintage”.  And on top of both of those – I like to blog…  So there was my answer…

Now in terms of the photos, we can discuss what the definition of “vintage” is, but to me it’s when they were using old school cameras that printed in black and white – or slightly distorted colours.  I love that they committed to a picture, not like what we have now – where we take 20 pictures of 1 thing to get a “good shot” (I’m especially guilty of this).

This picture is the one that helped my realisation of this love.  You may wonder why on Earth this particular photo…  Besides the fact that they chose to stand in what looks like an alleyway to take a family picture, or that they seem to be wearing pop corn boxes on their heads – the woman poking her head in there is my grandmother!

I want to start a new “feature” with old vintage photo’s of our family and possibly even yours if you’d be willing to send me your pics.  I’m not sure what to call it so if you have ideas they would be most welcome!

2 thoughts on “A Love For Vintage Photo’s

  1. The lady in the black jersey is your great granny but not sure of the other aunty. This was taken in Ballymena N Ireland c 1949/50. the two popcorn boys on the left are your uncles…. hows that for a bit of history.

  2. Thats an awesome idea Cindy! I actually have a big ass box of photos that I’m supposed to scan in for my family. Maybe I should do this too… will link up to you for the idea, if I end up doing it! Love old photos too!

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