Sunday Traditions

We are trying to start good family traditions that will be with us for long into the future and will add to those “happy memories” that the kids have when they think about time spent with the family.  This will hopefully turn into one of those traditions – but for now we will enjoy it without them!

So the tradition is to go to the local petrol station and buy their freshly made donuts to eat with coffee before the onslaught of Sunday Lunch.  This doesn’t really make sense to eat donuts before lunch, but who said the traditions have to make sense?!

Most often this is followed with a roast at my parents, or a really delayed lunch braai at our place that turns into us having had the donuts for lunch and then having the braai for early supper.

This past Sunday we spent time with my parents for a delish lunch.  Kyla absolutely loves going to Nana, Unc and Gampy.  She has a set routine of playing with her tea set, drawing in her book with crayons and then on the black board with chalk.  In that order.  DO NOT mess with her order!

This week she helped feed Riya rice (who already had a full lunch) but was demanding what we were eating.

(The blurred pic on the middle right is where she tried to feed me!)

Then out came the sandpit!!  Did you know that sand is edible? Oh…  It’s not?  Are you sure?  I don’t think Riya got the memo (despite threats and hand smacks).

(The left middle pic Ri has literally put a mouthful of sand it her mouth, you can hear her crunching it with her teeth!)

Then the house cleaning fairy helped to sweep up the remains of the destruction that hurricane “Alfino” caused…

One thought on “Sunday Traditions

  1. These girls are so yummy!! I like the recklessness of that tradition!!!! Doughnut for lunch, that’s wild!!
    And I think eating sand is a ritual, a must-do for any good toddler. Otherwise, they don’t belong to the cool club of tods 🙂

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