Houw Hoek Inn – A Beautiful Place To Have A Terrible Holiday

I have been debating whether to make this blog about our months of sickness with a hint of a failed time away or if I should tell you about the time away and just fill you in on the bad times leading up to it.  To tell the truth I’m still not sure, so let’s just see where this goes…

This blog may not be interesting to anyone or may sound like I am complaining, however I am going to proceed with it – if I don’t document the last couple of months of our lives I may never believe it ever happened…  Basically it has really sucked.  There is no other eloquent or humerus way to describe it.

It all started about 3 months ago when I went to remove the varicose vein in my left leg (yes I really am 24, it’s the side effect of having 2 kids so close together apparently).  Anyway, because I had a cough I couldn’t undergo full anaesthetic, I had to have a spinal – so I was awake through the whole procedure.  Everything went well, however I have not stopped coughing since then.  First they thought it was asthma, then I was on antibiotics and it still hasn’t cleared.  If it’s not gone next week I may have to go for lung X-rays…  I blame this stupid sickness for my all to frequent lack of sympathy and energy.  But enough about me.

Just a couple of days before our trip to Houw Hoek Inn, Kyla had severe vomiting, diarrhoea and temperatures and Riya had an ear infection as well as all of Kyla’s symptoms…  Believe it or not, we still went ahead with the holiday…

Imagine waking up to the sound of rain hitting the roof outside, while you are cosy and warm in your bed.  You can smell the woody smokyness of the fire that you made last night.  You realise that it is 8.30 and that you can go for a full breakfast that will be served to you and where you don’t have to wash the dishes.

This is the awesomeness that was given to us by Seth’s parents – sending us away childfree for one night…  But alas…  What I didn’t include was that my husband started feeling sick shortly after our divine supper and passed out at like 9pm…

Then the kids arrived…  We went for a walk around and had a little bit of family fun.  It didn’t last too long as Seth had to return to the room in an attempt not to embarrass himself by vomiting in public!

The girls had a surprising amount of energy when they aren’t vomiting and Ri is always ready to give the biggest smile – no matter how she’s feeling!

Kyla not always willing to smile, but willing to jump in puddles!

Please note Kyla’s enthusiasm for our attempted family photo!  Although she very enthusiastically wants to help Riya walk around.

The rest of the day passed by in a blur of about 10 seriously stinky nappy changes, 3 lots of vomiting (including Seth) and lots and lots of crying (almost including me)!  Everyone was exhausted and asleep by 8, which left me feeling sorry for myself watching the TV alone…  on mute… in the dark…

The next morning wasn’t that much better as Riya had fallen off the bed onto her head…  Save the bad parent comments – we feel bad enough!  We rushed off to the emergency room in Grabouw only to find out that Ri was absolutely fine, although her ear infection was still there.  We went back to try and salvage the last moments of the time away, but it was hopeless…

I am so keen to go there again when we are all feeling better, to really enjoy the truly beautiful place!

Then in the weeks following that – Riya developed the worst nappy rash in the world, Seth got bronchitis and was totally incapacitated (as most men are with any illness) and then the girls have been coughing too, to top it all off.  Add to that hectic fevers for Seth and Kyla and really bad nights sleep for all of these 3 months and you now know what our little family has been experiencing.

I think that I can finally say that we seem to be getting to the end of it, just in time for the birthdays!!!

7 thoughts on “Houw Hoek Inn – A Beautiful Place To Have A Terrible Holiday

  1. oh my friend… wish we lived closer, I would have loved to help you out…even if its just with food. Really hope everyone gets better soon!! We should do a big family holiday some time, there’s a place in Robertson which might work… will chat on Saturday. Sending love and prayers. xx

  2. Oh Sweetie.. hope things are getting better. Having kids can be so unpredictable sometimes, but I know that you will have an awesome holiday with them next time…even so, in all this sickies, your photos are beautiful!
    I love the way you deal with the things that are happening, I know I feel awful when Lily is ill, and it must be doubly..no wait…triply hard, when the whole family is sick, but this will pass and you have some great times ahead of you with all the birthdays coming up.
    Wishing you a blessed day…and countdown to Kylas 2nd Birthday xxxx

  3. I feel terrible, I knew you all were sick but didn’t realise it has been for this long and I actually stay around the corner! Bad friend award to me!! Glad that you all feeling better now though and hope it stays like that. Looking so forward to seeing you guys again! Let me know when you up for visitors. Lotsa love us x 3

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