Off To The Aquarium We Go!

As is now becoming the norm, this happened some time ago, but I just haven’t had the time to blog about it.  You might wonder why I am even bothering to write about it…  Well, it is our very typical day out and this time there are pictures!

Secretly we love the drama that going out with both girls entails, but we will never admit it (this so not me admitting it!).  Going out with all 4 of us requires preparation, timing and patience – which hardly ever happen in that order (or sometimes at all).

This time we planned it relatively well – we packed in food for Ri and they fell asleep in the car on the way there, we managed to get them in the double pram (still asleep) and even managed to do a bit of shopping at the place next to the Aquarium while they stayed sleeping.

Once they woke up is when all mayhem started…  Neither wanted to be in the pram…  So each of us had to carry one wriggly worm while taking turns to push the pram filled with bags, jackets and stuff generally associated with a day out.

Kyla enjoyed looking at the Nemo’s but was keen to be on her own mission.  Imagine it – it’s a rainy day, so every parent in Cape Town is taking their little “munchkin” to the Aquarium.  Their “munchkins” have been there a billion times, so they are totally owning the place…  And Kyla wants to walk around…  Ja right…

There were some cool things, but I remember it being so much more awesome!

And then it became time for the inevitable…


Why do we dread eating out with our kids?  No it’s not because they demand things or throw tantrums…  We order Kyla fish and chips or some kind of pasta and she will dance her way through eating it – while interjecting a “Nom nom nom” every now and then.  The reason is because Riya is “Flash Gordon” personified!  Look away for one second (literally) and then her lunch that you are feeding her (a good distance away from the table) will be on the floor…  As happened on this trip (and many others!)

All in all it was, as usual, a great time…  We just need a whole evening to recover and about another week before deciding to do anything like it again.

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