The House That Dada Built (Well Kinda)

We had a random box that was taking up space in the storeroom.  So as the typical “parent talk” goes (I buy my kids stuff and they end up playing with the box…) we decided to put it to the test…Ummm no, you forgot about it and while I was cleaning my man cave I found it under a pile of dust! So my mad genius man skills and razor sharp box cutter forged this masterpiece in under 5 minutes, with no female input! The precision and architectural merit it emanates is simply frightening! 

Seth and his incredible architectural mind designed this once in a lifetime building – the doors were even reinforced with wood…  This did not, however, stop the girls (mainly Riya) from the destroying the “house” within days of it’s creation!)  Seth also added very unique artistic works to the outside, making it more realistic – Kyla assisted in the colouring.

Peek-a-boo!!!!!!!  They loved the crap out of this box!

Some random moments:

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